Installing new games when the router is locked

Adding a P1 account to an existing:

(When “lock” is enabled and you want to add an account without losing the old one)

1) Add an account with the game. When you add ask about activation – NOT activated.

2) Put the swing game through the store or through the library of games.

3) Completely exit the account. Press the button (PS) on the controller and select “log Out”.

4) Go to your personal account, wait for the full load of the game and see that the game hangs a lock and it can not be run.

5) Exit the personal account and go to the account with the game.

In the next paragraph, check the possibility of safe account activation – every time before removing the block. without any exceptions!!!

6) Go to “Settings” – “Network” – and click “Check Internet connection” If everywhere will be “Successful” and the connection speed – you can safely move on. If at some stage will give an error – in any case do not proceed to the next step. Read about this below.

The following steps are preferably done as quickly as possible – pre-open the window in the management of the router and prepare for all on/off “lock”.

7) Go to “Settings” – “Manage account” – “Activate as your primary PS4”. (until not click “save” button, ” Activate”)

8) Remove the lock in the router and on the console click “Activate”

9) go Back to the previous console menu, go to “Restore licenses” and click “Restore”.

//For LAN-connected//

10.a) Pull out the LAN cable from the console.

//For those connected via Wi-Fi//

10.b) Go to the console settings menu – “Network” – Remove the check mark from “Connect to the Internet”.

11) Exit the PSN on this account. “Settings” – “account Management” – “log Out”. And from the account via “log Out”.

12) turn On the “lock” on the router.

13) Turn on the console Internet. Insert the LAN cable into the console or return the check mark in the settings opposite “Connect to the Internet”.

14) Start the game and make sure that we did everything right.

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