Online without “locks”

This method is not supported by all routers and should be tried with each individually. Tested on



Xiaomi mi router 3 

If you want to play online games in P1 and do not get the castle then use the following instructions:

  1. In your router settings to disallow packets with the work, P1(those games that will from your account) just will not fly, but will not work on P2(your personal account) while ago it will not return.

Block settings on the example of different models of routers:

Setup instructions on the example of TP-LINK

Describe how I set up my TP-LINK TL-WR941ND

1-go to the router settings

2-go to the tab DHCP-client List, client name and below looking for Unknown (I have a prefix under this name is displayed in the router), to the right against Unknown copy somewhere MAC address and IP address (select the mouse and press Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste copied)

3 – go to the address Reservation, there click add new entry. and in the fields that appear, enter the previously copied data, put On and save (by these actions you bind to your prefix permanent IP-address)

4-go to the access Control-Node, click Add, select the MAC-address, below enter the host Name(any), in the line MAC-address write the address of the client Unknown and click save.

5-go to access Control-Target, add, IP address Mode, target Description(any), IP address in the first field enter the IP address of the Unknown client (Which you tied to the prefix in the address reservation section), destination Port 443, Protocol all. and Save

6-go to access Control-Target, add, domain name Mode, description (any), Domain name , Save.

7-go to access Control-Target, add, Mode IP address, target Description(any), IP address in the first field enter the IP address , destination Port 443, Protocol All. Save.

8-go to the access Control Rule put a check next to the Enable management access control to the Internet, turn on the line to Deny the packets specified by any access control policy to pass through the router. Save. next, click the Add rule name any Node to select the one created in paragraph No. 4(this action will always has not changed), the Goal is to select something that was created in paragraph No. 5, the schedule is Always Enabled. Save

9-click Add rule name any Node to select the one created in paragraph No. 4(this action will always has not changed), the Goal is to select something that was created in paragraph No. 6, the schedule is Always Enabled. Save

10-hit Add rule name any Node to select the one created in paragraph No. 4(this action will always has not changed), the Goal is to select something that was created in paragraph No. 7, the schedule is Always Enabled. Save

11 – What would make a unit go to the access Control Rule Overeem the box next to Enable management access control to the Internet, Save. All block cleared.

12 – next, turn on the console(preferably without games P1, that would be in the event of an error in my description will not lose games) go into the settings and try to restore the license, activate-to deaktivirati console with all these actions you should pop out an error of DNS. and the games P2 appear locks.

13 – when will the so-called Attack, turn off events, PSN, friends, and in General all online games. to bypass the Attack, you must interrupt all downloads from the network and the network on the console, restart the console and then when the console is turned on, simply remove the plug from the outlet. wait 5-10 minutes and turn on the console. go reconstruction and the attack should pass. but maybe the 1st time will not work.

14 – before switching off the unit to add a P1 or removing the console with the P3. we need to make sure there’s no attack. it is necessary to reboot the console 10-15 minutes to leaf through the menu, update the events, go PSN. if everything will work and not slow down the attack, perhaps not, but the risk always remains.

15 – if there were locks on the games and topics in your personal account you should disconnect the unit and restore licenses in settings, if not then unplug the unit and deaktivirati-activate your account

The method with the block is suitable only for users P1-P3. It is impossible to use P2 games with the block. each time you add a new P1 will have to remove the block in the router and as soon as possible to activate the account and return the block back. otherwise, there is a high probability of losing all their P1.

Describe everything as I did myself. perhaps there are extra points where the inaccuracies. try…

TP-LINK routers support the necessary block method(information is taken from the online emulators of the router settings, so the accuracy of the block is not guaranteed. as versions of the same model sometimes as many as 5 pieces and all can be different)

Instructions for configuring the example of ASUS

Instructions for ASUS routers ( for example Asus N12)

1 – Go to the router settings

2 – Go to Firewall, select the network services Filter tab

3 – Add the rule below:

Source IP address and range of ports leave blank, then the address we need will be blocked for all devices

IP destination address – , the range of ports is empty, the Protocol – TCP

4 – Add another rule with the same parameters, only specify the UDP Protocol.

5 – Enabling and disabling the unit is done by the Filter switch between WAN and LAN in the same tab.

Everything is ready, the router is configured.

Setup for ZyXEL router

Go to the section “Security”

Tab “Firewall”

Rules for the interface – Select “Home Network


Create another rule with the same parameters, but with UDP Protocol.

At the End you should have 2 rules.

What is “Attack” and how to fight?

Sooner or later, Sony will want to hang on your P1 locks. At this time, there is a every second attack packets from a blocked address.

The first sign of attack: the console begins to slow down, the menu is lagging, online falls off (friends disappear, it is impossible to enter the store and so on).

The second sign of attack: there was a case when the console worked without complaints, all online functions worked. But at connection check “Access to PSN” writes “it was Not succeeded”. Be careful, this may mean that you have an attack, and when you remove the block P1 overgrown locks.

Attacks occur at different intervals. Can begin through the day, maybe in a month (suspended). To defeat this attack, do the following:

  • From the operating mode of the console pull it out of the socket
  • After the launch, the database will be reconstructed
  • Если не помогло с первого раза, то повторить
  • При последующих атаках повторяем пункт 1

If not helped with first times, then repeat
Subsequent attacks repeat step 1

After all the settings, be sure to check the availability of the address:

It is through https:

And propinquity ip

PS This method is not a 100% panacea for obtaining locks, but only a temporary solution. For example, for the passage of the remaining games. While this lock will work, you will not be able to activate new games, as well as play on P2 accounts. There is a very high probability that as soon as you decide even for 1 minute to disable the lock, for example, to quickly activate the game, you will catch the locks on all N1 accounts. So do it at your own risk.


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